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  • Snap Dog authentic NYC hot dog comes to Orange County. Photo cred Valerie Silverman Kerr
  • Rick Jameson brings a bit of new york to the OC Snap Dog authentic NYC hot dog comes to Orange County. Photo cred Valerie Silverman Kerr

The Hot Dog With Its Name On It

Irvine, California- Snap Dog® –the hot dog born on the streets of New York City, will debut its first California location in Lake Forest. Dick’s Dogs is the first hot dog cart in California to be serving delicious Snap Dogs and will be operating from Tuesdays through Fridays from 11 AM – 2 PM at the intersection of Auto Center Drive & Revson in the Irvine Auto Center in Lake Forest.  Unlike New York City, in orange county vendors cannot just set up on the sidewalk or street corner.  So fans of real NYC food will have to get in the car and make a special trip to get their fix.  

The Snap Dog company plans to make carts and food carts available to entrepreneurs in Orange County.  There are a lot of former New Yorkers living in Orange County who miss the taste of "real" NYC street hot dogs.  As one former resident put it, "what I really miss about New York is the street food: hot dogs from a cart, real New York style pizza, and bagels.  Why they can't make these things right in California, I don't know.  It is what it is.  It's like if they see you folding a pizza slice, they look at you like you're a wacko.  Can't wait to get my hands on real hot dogs."  

Many people have speculated that it's the superior NYC water that gives New York food it's authentic taste.

Known as, "The Hot Dog With Its Name on It!" the Snap Dog logo and the word “beef” actually appear on the surface of every Snap Dog. This unique, all natural way of branding, lets consumers know exactly what kind of hot dog they’re being served in the public. Snap Dogs are hot dogs made from 100% premium beef and cooked the old-fashioned way, in a real smokehouse.

Rick Jameson, Owner of Dick’s Dogs, says, “After 25 years as an educator, most recently retired as a principal in the Saddleback Valley Unified School District, I decided to launch my own hot dog cart, and wanted to be the first to introduce Snap Dogs to the West Coast.”

Founder/CEO Keith Dorman says, “We’re on a mission to elevate the hot dog experience. Californians can now enjoy the authentic taste of a real New York City hot dog, and know they’re getting 100% beef.”

Dorman worked as a hot dog cart vendor on 55th and Broadway in New York City, which is where he realized the public has no way of telling what kind of hot dog they’re really getting. Is it made from chicken, beef or pork? “It’s like this big mystery,” he says.

This inspired Dorman to solve the hot dog identity crisis by utilizing innovative hot dog casing technology that enables the graphics to naturally appear on the surface of the hot dog without using any dyes and/or colorings on the hot dog. That way, consumers can have peace of mind, every time.

The Snap Dogs will be served at the Dick’s Dogs cart with various condiments, including the Snap Dog® Pushcart-style Onion Sauce.  Follow Snap Dog on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at @SnapDogNYC.  If you are interested in a franchise, contact Snap Dog at and get on their waiting list.  

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