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ATT rate increases hit Orange County Business Owners


Business Owners Shocked by massive increase in ATT Rates

Rates increase over 100%

ATT rate increas over 100 percent


Like many business owners, this central Orange County Business Owner only wants to have an old fashioned land line.  Since he has free long distance on his cell phone, the line only can call other phone numbers in the local area and receive calls.  The owner who wishes to remain anonymous explained.  “I just wanted a phone line for my business.  When I called ATT they kept taking me over to the cell phone department, but this is a land line.  When I finally got through, I was told that the only way I could lower the cost of my land line was if I leased four tablets for my employees.  But I am a one-man business. Why would I want to play with four tablets all day long.  They just try to get you for everything they can.”

(see photo of bill) The cost of a ATT Landline is almost $1,000/year.  Assuming the monthly fees stay the same it’s $99780/year.  Based on the previous amount of $39.81/month or $477.72/year that’s an increase of 109%.

We tried to reach out to ATT but were unable to connect with anyone who could explain these increases.



Cost of single line with ATT in Anaheim California.

Cost of single line with ATT in Anaheim California.


update: We received another notice from the same business owner.  The cost of a single line from ATT has gone up to $91.18/month.  That comes out to $1094/year.  Single phone line, no long distance, no internet, no tv or other services.

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