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Hiring Smart in Orange County — Outsourcing Work


Orange County Business Cut Employee Costs with New Virtual Office Services

In many cases the best solution to meet a growing business’s needs is not to hire anyone, it’s to outsource work to an Office Assistant or Administrative Services Contractor.  What’s the advantage of contracting out office work?  A business can avoid adding another employee that can result in saving thousands of dollars.  California Employers deal the ever growing list of government requirements: health insurance, worker’s comp insurance, sexual harassment claims, discrimination claims, American with Disability Act lawsuits.  Additionally outsourcing work typically done in a company’s office allows businesses the flexibility to downsize their operations without having to pay for unused office space, phone lines or severance pay.

And when a business reaches certain employment thresholds, for instance hiring their 25th or 50th employee, new reporting and regulatory requirements can make hiring an extra employee very expensive.  In most cases it’s cheaper to just pay a contractor a bit more just to get the work done.  Another motivation for outsourcing might be for a start up to get going.  They typically have a couple of founders and no one has time to learn about complying with California’s HR Laws.

Although many people think of outsourcing as an answering service, today they are taking on much more responsibility.   Services are more professional than the minimum wage answering service operator of the past.  The key is to contract with a company that can be educated on your business products and who is local.

Often you may have interacted with an office contractor without even realizing it.  Services can be the front line in dealing with customers questions, answering e-mails, helping resolve technical issues, scheduling appointments and almost any other activity that might be traditionally done in a company’s corporate offices.  But customers know when someone who is being paid per call and cannot really help them.  As one disgruntled customer explained, “Don’t get me wrong, the people I was talking to were very nice and trying hard to speak good English, but they just had no clue what I was talking about.  When the operator asked me what I meant by ‘server down’ I knew she was clueless.  She put me on hold and I started to Google other companies.  And when I answered the survey I gave her five stars because she probably has a family to feed in her country.”

The local outsourcing trend has recently some new companies have been setting up to serve Orange County businesses.  Melanie Begg founder of Day 2 Day Solutionz explained the flexibility of her service.  “I offer up to 40 hours a week for a virtual assistant.  I offer on demand and monthly services. Some months you may only need 10 hours of work, but you may need 30 hours of work the next month.  This ensures you that you are getting the most out of your money, and the help when you need it.”  And after working for years as an assistant at a church and in the insurance industry,  “[T]here is an extra perk for my clients. I can assure you that my southern hospitality will provide you with top-notch customer service that will help you succeed. The services that I offer are general administration, expense reports, calendaring, event planning and more.”

For more information about how outsourcing anministrative tasks can help your business’s bottom line, contact Ms. Begg or see Day 2 Day Solutionz’s website

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