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Glass Skateboard company re-invents the board.

Glass Skateboard company re-invents the board.
  • Jelly Board
  • Jelly Board with Go Pro camera
  • Glass Skateboard by Jelly Skateboards
  • 50% of profit donated to Life Rolls On a Non-Profit Organization

Jelly Skateboards and BLOCK Riser Innovations, Debuts New Product Line to Revolutionize Skateboard Industry

Gopro Camera mount built into the new model of Jelly Skateboard's iconic glass board. 

San Diego, CA.  Jelly Skateboards and BLOCK Riser Innovations announced today the collaboration of two companies and the launch of a new product line, revolutionizing the ability of skateboarders to film themselves while they ride.  This will eliminating the danger and complications of relying on a handheld camera.  Additionally, boards will have board-level storage capabilities,  and having to carry personal items while skating.  The board's modular design allows for future devices to click in.

Kevin Steele, of Block River Innovations explained the problem that this will solve.  “There are millions and millions of skate videos posted online all around the world, but none have had the ability to have been filmed like this. BLOCK eliminates having to use one hand to film yourself, which we know can be tricky and doesn’t always produce great footage. With GoBLOCK, the footage is at ground level and ensures the best possible mounting location for a filming device. We believe it will give a new perspective to the industry and positively affect the estimated 15.7 million skaters in the U.S. alone."  

Changing the way skating footage has been filmed for decades

Currently, boarders hold their camera or cell phone by hand, or mount the device to the top of the board.  Hand held cameras are more likely to be dropped in a wipe-out resulting in a close up of the ground rather than the most exciting action.  And the motions of the skater is amplified by the movement of his or her arm.  This results in videos that are just hard to watch.  No amount of electronic image stabilization can correct these videos.  Mounting the camera on top of the board solves some of the problems but creates other problems.  The boarder's feet are restricted by the mount, and skaters don't want something permanently attached to the top of their expensive board.  

By mounting the patent pending GoBLOCK onto the trucks--on the bottom of the board; vibration, something that is typically seen from other mounts currently on the market, is no longer an issue. Additionally, with GoBLOCK’s technology and design, users can easily clip-in and secure filming devices underneath the boarder avoids having to purchase new adhesive mounts every time they want to remove or add a mount.


An additional advantage of this system was explained by Mr Steele, "StashBLOCK is unlike anything on the market, and so necessary for every skater. The last thing you want to deal with is wiping-out, and then proceeding to smash anything you have had to carry on you while skating. And even besides a wipeout, it eliminates that weight in your pocket,”

No more jingle-jangle in your pockets. StashBLOCK is like a small secret sliding drawer right on the underside of the board. The patent pending technology and design enables riders to stash personal items like keys and other affects into the drawer where it will remain safely and securely during the ride.

“The BLOCK Riser is unparalleled by anything on the market,“ said Seele. “There’s nothing else out there like it. By building the mount into the board, we can ensure the rider they will have a safer, better quality ride all while capturing real time, epic footage. We are confident BLOCK Riser Innovations has designed and manufactured the highest quality, most affordable skateboard film product available.“

All products are currently available for ordering worldwide on our Indiegogo page, please visit  The boards are made locally in SoCal of a special high strength polycarbonate glass.  Currently, they are available on crowdfunding site indiegogo indiegogo page for Jelly Skateboard  They are working with Life Rolls On a non-profit organization that helps improve the quality of life of young people who have been injured or have a disability through sport.  Thy will be donating 50% of the profits from the indiegogo campaign.

About BLOCK Riser Innovations

BLOCK Riser Innovations is a privately held company, based out of San Diego California and was founded in 2014. BLOCK Riser Innovations CTO/Creator Kevin Seele and COO Ari Hoffman came to collaborate with CEO of Jelly Skateboards, Sven Alwerud in 2014 and since have been designing and manufacturing a product line to coincide with the make and model of Jelly Skateboards Inc.  

Samantha Leuck contributed to this article.  Image/video courtesy of Jelly Skateboard via Youtube.

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