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WAGS Pet Adoption ( Westminster Adoption Group and Services)

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WAGS Pet Adoption ( Westminster Adoption Group and Services)

A Great Place to Find Your Next Pet

WAGS (Westminster Adoption Group and Services) is a non-profit 501c3 organization that opened 2011 in Westminster, CA.  We work closely with Westminster Animal Control.   Our mission is to provide the best quality of care, advocacy and shelter for lost and homeless animals seeking permanent loving homes.  We believe strongly because of the community, we have S.A.V.E.D.®  ( Sponsor-Adopt-Volunteer-Educate-Donate®)  so many animals in our first year.

We have a large selection of kittens (up to 150) and mature cats that need Furever homes. In addition this is an opportunity to let more people in the community know we are in Westminster, CA. WAGS strives to keep its adoption rate high and euthanasia rate below 2%.– “adoptable” and “treatable” animals are saved and only “unadoptable” or “non-rehabilitatable” animals are euthanized. We provide the highest quality care to each animal on a daily basis.


Founder- Dr. Tia Greenberg

Adoption Coordinator – Courtney Dorney

President- Michelle Russillo, MBA


6621 Westminster Blvd

Westminster CA 92863


Facebook webpage

  1. Small Business News Editor says:

    WAGS is holding an event

    WAGS to Riche$ Casino Night Fundraiser
    July 14, 2012 at Meadowlark Golf Club, Huntington Beach, CA to raise fund for the stray and homeless pets now at WAGS.

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