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When are California’s Regulation too much ??

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When are California’s Regulation too much ??

Prop 65 Warning for the entire Disneyland Resort *


At some point, it all begins to add up.  We noticed the sign at Disneyland.  We love Disney.  But their attorneys had them put up a Prop 65 warning for the entire Disneyland Resort.  You can be sure that pretty soon every small businesses will have to put up signs warning of general dangers.  What business does not contain chemical that could potentially be harmful or could potentially cause birth defects?  At some point, regulations become meaningless and they only serve to drive up costs.  Sure Disney can afford it, but all of these extra costs add up for small businesses.  That's why many businesses are choosing to move out of state or  expand out of state.  Check out this page from : Is California the Right Place to Start Up Your Business

A visitor from Germany commented that she did not understand the point of a warning, if the warning applied to everything in the resort.

And a new law AB 341 of 2012 requires all businesses that produce more than 4 yards of trash a week (the standard dumpster is three yards) to have a formal recycling program.  Business owners may have to send employees for education and certify that the trash is being recycled--the key employee at a location, in some cases, will be known as "the 'recycling champion' who will coordinate efforts to establishing a compost system."  Article  Although most businesses had been recycling anyway, the requirements of a formal program will divert the recycling champion's time from doing actual work.  It is not currently clear how the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery and local cities will be enforce AB 341 in the future.

And the other thing to consider is that in addition to paying for signs, businesses will have to pay for the cost of enforcing the regulations either through higher taxes or threw higher insurance costs--used to finance litigation.

CBS2 David Goldstein Report.


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This is another type of cost faced by California Businesses.  

This is a proposed law which we believe has not passed.  

This guy explains how what started aout as a good idea went through California's process and turned into a problem for many businesses. 

  1. Regular guy thinking about moving to Arizona says:

    If you notice by the trashcans by Starbucks, they have a similar Prop 65 warning up. There is a trace amount some chemical that could be harmful in a cup of coffee. We have all been drinking it for years, but a lawsuit has been filed against Starbucks and other major coffee chains (they have the money to pay) so they have put up the warnings to protect themselves. If the lawsuit is successful, every restaurant that serves coffee will have to put up a prop 65 warning. If the Prop 65 warning is not sufficient, servers and restraint owners can expect to be hit with lawsuits.

    Sacramento must think it’s a good thing we have big government to protect from coffee; and can squeeze more money out of greedy businesses. Otherwise they would have stopped these people from harassing businesses.


    Every year it seems like those who think big in Sacramento make it harder for small business to make a profit. Why?


  1. American Chemistry Council on Prop 65 Reform - [The law as implemented] has veered wildly off course and become almost meaningless as everything from automobiles to the gates…

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